Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bless Itamar Financially

THE VERY BEST WAY TO BLESS ITAMAR IS TO DONATE DIRECTLY INTO THEIR "FRIENDS OF ITAMAR" NON-PROFIT.   (Follow the link and scroll down on their page to the PayPal "Donate" Button)   Donate directly to Itamar through this link:


The Itamar community will be going full speed ahead in pushing the community forward. Many community projects like completing our permanent synagogue, a children and youth culture center which will include library, play room, club room and music room. Our youth need a lot of help and guidance which we must provide for them in order to try and heal their terrible scars. This will require funds for different youth activities and counseling. A special memorial site will be set up by the community remembering the Fogal and other families and people killed on Itamar.
"Thank ...you dear friends. Your love and encouragment means more than you will ever know!"  Friends Of Itamar  3/16/11

Another current way to channel finances to Itamar is to use the "Good Search" Search Engine. Every time you do a search through the "Good Search Toolbar", Itamar will receive a small donation. The following is the direct link to the Friends of Itamar "Good Search" Sign Up page. http://www.goodsearch.com/nonprofit/friends-of-itamar.aspx

If you would like to be notified about the other ways you can Bless Itamar at they become available, please Sign Up for the Bless Itamar Newsletter that will be available shortly. To be put on the list, you can email your contact info to:  info@blessitamar.com 

May Ha Shem bless YOU richly for your loving generosity!